HKDSE Essay Writing

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Plan and execute polished, structured and accurate HKDSE English essays. This one on one course is suitable for beginners to advanced students.



This course is suitable for students enrolled in a Hong Kong secondary school at any level.




Work with your Native English speaking tutor on HKDSE Essay writing. You will discuss, plan and write essays under your teacher's guidance. Your teacher will then revise and critique your essay and come up with an improvement plan.


By planning, writing, reviewing and reflecting, your essays will over time become:


  • More in line with the set task
  • Better structured
  • More coherent
  • Grammatically richer and more accurate


This course is suitable for anyone taking the HKDSE examination, regardless of your level.


1. Classes are "one on one". One of our native English speaking tutors works exclusively with the student for the duration of the class.


2. This course has no set length. Students join courses of this sort until they have attained the required level of proficiency or are ready to progress to a more challenging course.


3. Each class consists of one 55 minute session.


4. Classes are held once a week. Classes falling on a public holiday are cancelled. Classes may be affected by typhoons or other conditions.


Before you start one of our English courses, you will need to take our assessment tests. The whole process takes about 90 minutes. During that time, you will complete a reading and grammar assessment, a writing assessment and an interview to assess your spoken English. The assessment results are usually available immediately.


There is no charge for this assessment.



To learn more about this class, to obtain a copy of the course brochure or to book an assessment:


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  • Fax: 3007 3468
  • WhatsApp: +852 52820157
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